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I always wanted to be a boy


 I. part

always wanted to be a boy
rahter kind than exposed
rather melt than 
make you meltin' u-á
i dont like to look a like
cause you fools all become proud
carrying a prey like 
deserved prize
therefore i wear a jacket now
avoiding all the clowns around
knowing that the stars
do not have own light 
making days as long as night 
im not that rude to strain this heart
- whispering secrets
under the moon bright
to give a thing that's leading more
further than demand from a torn
relation - what was owerwhelming 
to you-á
this is it. but what can i. 
how should i. what am i. 
always wanted to be a guy. 

there can be all the reasons found

to stand up on my feet all night 
the card has told me
i should divide from you á-á
when im sleeping in the sun
than i release for life - has gone
this is me, i attract 
quiet creation
and the quantum moment 
of explosion
at this time everything is sharp
and presists me in the dark
me let this happen 
or is this intervention? 
in this doesn't fit any else
- procrastination in the dance
I have passion put down, deep
- with what shell i fish out it? 
this is it. this i can. 
like this i hire. 
this is me: only a wire. 
~ on vous a trompé ~
i can't be faster as fast i am 
you've given me some catalyze
it doesnt mean i've added you 
as an every day suprise